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jaraiz,m., wine-press; pit for pressing grapes;see note to21, 4. 206jardín,m., garden, flower-garden.


jarra,f., two-handled jar or jug;

ponerse en —s,31, 29, to put one's hands on one's hips, to put the armsakimbo.


jazmín,m., jasmine, jessamine,20, 27,21, 4.jefe,m., chief.


Jesús,m. npr., Jesus;see note to39, 4.jiba,f., hump,74, 29.


jícara,f., cup,sp.a chocolate cup,8, 6.joroba,f., hump,26, 8.


jorobado, da,adj., hunchbacked,25, 21,etc.jorobado,m., hunchback.


José,npr. m., Joseph;see note to39, 4.

Josefa,npr. f., Josepha,28, 16.


Jovellanos,npr.,see note to13, 8.joven,adj., young.

Juan López,npr. m., John Lopez.

Juanete,m.,51, 19,dim. ofJuan, John, Jack.jubón,m., waist, shirtwaist,37, 10,125, 25.San Judas,npr. m., Saint Jude.

Judit,npr. f., Judith,2, 28.juego,m., game, play;cf. alsochasco.

juez,m., judge.

jugador,m., gambler,51, 1.


jugar,v. n., to play (games, etc.),20, 4;¡no se juega conmigo!you can'tplay with me, trifle with me, 89, 21.

juicio,m., judgment, common-sense, "senses,"17, 22,etc.;a mi —, to my way of thinking,113, 17;


malos —s,124, 8, evil judgments.jumenta,f., she-ass,59, 8.jumento,m., ass; beast of burden.junco,m., rush,14, 21.


juntamente,adv., together; at once, at the same time,27, 3.junto, ta,adj., together.


juntura,f., joint,72, 5.juramento,m., oath.


jurisconsulto,m., jurisconsult; man learned in the law; lawyer,125, 8.jurisdicción,f., jurisdiction.


justamente,adv., exactly, just so,114, 20.Justicia,f., Justice; the Law,55, 4,etc.,106, 9.


justificar,v. a., to justify, to clear, to exculpate,81, 25,113, 19, 20,etc.justo, ta,adj., just.


juventud,f., youth.




kiosko,m., kiosque, summer house,20, 27.




la,art.,pron.,seeel,él. 207


laberinto,m., labyrinth, maze; confusion,99, 14.labio,m., lip.


laborioso, sa,adj., laborious, difficult;20, 16, painstaking, careful, patient.labrador,m., field worker, farmer,28, 2,50, 29; peasant.


labranza,f., farm; farming.labriego,m., farmer, peasant.


ladeado, da,adj., crooked; bent to one side, on one side,35, 22.ladino, na,adj., cunning, crafty, sly,1, 8, luent.


lado,m., side, direction.ladrón,m., thief.

lagar,m., wine press, press-house,21, 4;cf.jaraiz.


lágrima,f., tear.

lamento,m., wailing, lamentation.lánguidamente,adv., languidly.

lanzar,v. a., to throw, to cast;103, 20, to give vent to, to utter; to give, to letgo, 67, 12;


— carcajadas,33, 1, to burst into laughter;—se,v. refl.,79, 31,109, 12, to rush, to spring.largo, ga,adj., long;

tan — como era,95, 9, at full length.larguísimo, ma,adj., very long.lástima,f., pity.

lastimero, ra,adj., doleful, pitiful.lateralmente,adv., sidelong, sideways,53, 2.latín,m., Latin,43, 16;cf.


lavar,v. a., to wash.lazo,m., snare.




lección,f., lesson.

lector,m., reader, he who reads,120, 12.lectora,f., reader, she who reads,120, 13.leche,f., milk.

lecho,m., bed.lechuga,f., lettuce.leer,v. a., to read.legar,v. a., to bequeath.


legítimo, ma,adj., lawful, legitimate; justified, grounded, well-founded;genuine.


legua,f., league.legumbre,f., vegetable.


leído, da,adj., lettered, well-read.lejos,adv., far, afar;


a lo —,104, 28, in the distance.lejos de,prep., far from.lengua,f., tongue;cf.


lentamente,adv., slowly.leña,f., wood, firewood.leona,f., lioness.

letra,f., letter; writing, hand-writing;pl.,—s,1, 7, culture, letters, education;


al pie de la —,50, 22, exactly, literally.levantar,v. a., to raise, to lift;v. refl.,—se, to rise, to get up;

estar levantada,119, 3, to be up, to be dressed. 208leve,adj., light, slight.


ley,f., law.

liar,v. a., to bind;67, 1, to roll (a cigarette.)libar,v. a., to suck,21, 3.


libertad,f., liberty.libertar,v. a., to free.


libertino, na,adj., libertine,26, 5.libertino,m., libertine,78, 26.libra,f., pound,56, 5.

librar,v. a., to preserve, to safeguard,4, 11.libre,adj., free.


libreja,f.(dim. of

libra), little pound, pound or so,54, 4.libro,m., book;


— de Caballerías,6, 5, Romance of Chivalry.licencia,f., license, permission;


las —s necesarias,see note to3, 12;

tomarse — absoluta,15, 17, to obtain one's discharge (of a soldier).licenciado,m.,43, 4, licentiate;see note.


licencioso, sa,adj., licentious,106, 23.ligereza,f., lightness; nimbleness.ligero, ra,adj., light; light-footed.

limitarse,v. refl., to content oneself with, to stop with,34, 17.límite,m., limit, bound.


limosna,f., alms.limpiar,v. a., to clean.limpio, pia,adj., clean.


lince,adj., sharp-eyed; acute, penetrating,40, 2.lindo, da,adj., pretty;


de lo —,118, 29, prettily.línea,f., line.

linterna,f., lantern.

lío,m., (pack, bundle);99, 7, row.

literatura,f., literature.Liviana,npr. f., Liviana.lívido, da,adj., livid.lo,pron. neut., it, that;


— del nombramiento,115, 10, about the nomination, the matter of thenomination; 80, 23,


— de mi tiro, all that about my shooting;

— que, which, what;

con — que,29, 18, wherewith, so that;

— que es,32, 19,46, 25,122, 8,123, 11, as to, as for, when it comes to.local,m., place, enclosure, room.


locamente,adv., madly.loco,m., madman.locuaz,adj., loquacious.lógico, ca,adj., logical.


lograr,v. a., to gain, to accomplish, to succeed in.lonja,f., slice,11, 9.


López,npr., Lopez.loro,m., parrot.



npr. m., Luke, Lucas.


lucero,m., morning star, bright star,91, 4. 209

Lucena,npr. f., Lucena,town about 35 miles south-east of Córdoba.

Lucifer,npr. m., Lucifer.ludibrio,m., mocking, derision.


luego,adv., then, thereupon, presently; afterwards; thereafter; soon;desde —, immediately;


tan — como,56, 17,93, 4, just as soon as;hasta —,see


luego que,conj., when; as soon as.

lugar,m., place, stead; place, village, hamlet;el Lugar, the Village.


lugarcillo,m., little village.lugareña,f., village woman,28, 12.lugareño,m., villager,29, 12.lúgubre,adj., lugubrious, doleful.lúgubremente,adj., dolefully.


Luis,npr. m., Louis.

lujo,m., luxury;


de —,20, 11, "de luxe," extra, special.

lujoso, sa,adj., rich, luxuriant,35, 30; exuberant; luxurious.lujuria,f., sensuality,26, 2.


lumbre,f., fire;cf.amor.


luna,f., moon.luz,f., light;


a la — de,3, 9, in the light of;entre dos luces,8, 10, at twilight;


de tan claras luces,11, 17, of such clear vision, of such keen perception,understanding;


las demás luces,45, 14, the other lights,fig.




llama,f., small flame.llamar,v. a., to call; to name;


— a la puerta,52, 7,52, 16,54, 17,97, 10, to knock at the door;

el llamado,29, 5, the aforesaid;¡me llamo! 36, 7, that's my name, here I am.llamarada,f., flash, flame; burst of flame.


llaneza,f., simplicity,19, 8.llanto,m., weeping, tears.llave,f., key.

llegada,f., arrival;cf.punto.


llegar,v. n., to arrive; to come; to succeed; to reach;33, 4,;aquí llega, here he comes;


llegase a quererlo,31, 16, should come to love him.llenar,v. a., to fill;119, 12, to heap, to cover.

lleno, na,adj., full.

llevar,v. a., to carry; to bring; to carry away; to wear; to carry off, to obtain,to get, 109, 22, 111, 12;


— puesto, to be wearing, to have on,115, 5;

llevaba cuatro (años) de Corregidor,26, 12, had been for four yearsCorregidor; to take, to lead, to show, to conduct, 64, 19, 94, 24, etc.; to receive, to endorse, 32, 20; to raise, to lift, 70, 17. 210

llorar,v. n., to weep.lloro,m., weeping.



macarro,m.,10, 24, macaroon;see note.madera,f., wood;


una poca —, a little wood;see note to11, 28.madre,f., mother.


Madrid,m., Madrid.

madrileño,m., Madrilene, native of Madrid, inhabitant of Madrid.magistral,m., magistral,see note to46, 22.


magnífico, ca,adj., magnificent.maíz,m., maize, corn.


majadería,f., nonsense, foolishness,33, 6.majestuosamente,adj., majestically.majestuoso, sa,adj., majestic, imposing,100, 2.mal,m., evil,67, 18.


mal,adv., evil, ill,28, 16.maldad,f., malice,93, 13.maldito, ta,adj., cursed, damned;


maldita la falta que me hacían,52, 13, damned little need I had;maldita aquella,68, 19, devil a bit;


maldita seas,67, 13, damn you, be damned to you;etc.malhechor,m., evil-doer, criminal,51, 12.


malicia,f., malice;17, 19, slyness, cunning.malo, la,adj.(mal), bad, poor, ill; wicked, evil;ponerse —,82, 24, to fall ill;

lo —,117, 7, the evil, the ill.maltratar,v. a., to maltreat, to assault.mamarracho,m., booby, clown,79, 10.mancillar,v. a., to stain.


manda,f., donation, bequest;see note to6, 29.mandar,v. a., to send; to order; to command.manera,f., way, manner.

manga,f., sleeve.


manía,f., whim, caprice, peculiarity,37, 30.maniquete,m., mitt,101, 12.

mano,f., hand;

—s a la obra, to work!;

de —s a boca,49, 7,77, 21, suddenly, unawares;

venir con sus —s lavadas, to come with improper proposals or intentions,119, 15;

echar — a,91, 3, to seize;


de —s de,42, 25, from the hands of.manojo,m., bundle, bunch,27, 2.Manolilla,f. npr., Manolilla.

mantecado,m., butter cake, cream-cake,11, 8. 211mantener,v. a., to maintain, to keep up.


mantilla,f., mantilla,105, 5,see note,110, 4.Manuel,m. npr., Emanuel.


Manuela,f. npr., Manuela.mañana,f., morning.mañana,adv., to-morrow;


— por la —,66, 2,84, 21, early to-morrow morning.maquinalmente,adv., mechanically.


mar,m., sea,112, 2.maravilloso, sa,adj., marvellous.

marcar,v. a., to mark, to indicate,20, 21.marchar,v. a., to go; to go along;v. refl.,—se, to leave, to go away.

marchito, ta,adj., withered, pale,36, 4.

Marengo,m. npr., Marengo;see note to5, 14.margen,f., margin, border,10, 5.


María,f. npr., Mary.

María Luisa,f. npr., Maria Louisa,see note to16, 1.marido,m., husband.


mariscal,m., marshal,126, 18.mármol,m., marble.

marras,adv., formerly, recently;

de —,109, 15, well known, hereinbefore described.mas,conj., but.

más,adv., more;

el, la —, the most;83, 12, except, but;32, 4, other, more than;


— que, except;


por — que, however much, although;

— bien,104, 20, rather;27, 7, more, further.más,adj., more, most.


mascujar,v. n., to mumble,122, 21.matar,v. a., to kill.


materialmente,adv., materially; in the flesh;38, 15,95, 18.matorral,m., stubble-field,68, 10.

matrimonio,m., marriage; married couple, couple,19, 7,113, 3.matrona,f., matron.


maula,f., trick, dodge, fake,82, 10.mayor,adj., greater, larger; older;caza —,91, 8, big game;

el, la —, the greatest, largest.

mayores,mpl., elders, ancestors, forefathers,6, 19.mayúsculo, la,adj., capital, large (of letters);see note to91, 9.mecanismo,m., mechanism.

mecer,v. a., to rock, to swing;v. refl.,—se,39, 3, to rock.


media,f., stocking;hacer —,20, 3, to knit.


media-fanega,f., half-fanega;seefanega.


mediano, na,adj., medium, middle, average. 212mediar,v. a., to halve, to take half,63, 16;pp.,mediado, da,62, 8, half done, half over.médico,m., physician.


medida,f., measure,66, 3.medio, día,adj., half;


a media voz,34, 2, in a low voice.medio,adv., half.


medio,m., midst, middle; means;de en —,61, 5, out of the way;por — de, by means of.


medir,v. a., to measure,113, 1.meditación,f., meditation, reverie,74, 9.meditar,v. n., to meditate, to reflect,73, 29.Mefistófeles,m. npr., Mephistopheles.mejilla,f., cheek.


mejor,adj., better.mejor,adv., better, best;


por — decir,45, 22, to speak more accurately.mejorar,v. n., to improve.


melancólico, ca,adj., melancholy.melodioso, sa,adj., melodious.melodramático, ca,adj., melodramatic.melón,m., melon.

mención,f., mention,20, 11.mencionar,v. a., to mention,pp.,


mencionado, da, said, mentioned, aforesaid.menester,adj., necessary.


menor,adj., less; younger; smaller;el, la —, the least, youngest,etc.;—es,15, 10, minor orders,see note.menos,adv., less;


echar de —,91, 23,seeechar;


lo —,50, 27, at the least;a lo —,

cuando —, at least;

ni mucho —,108, 23, nor much less, not by any means, far from it;

— nosotros,121, 21, except ourselves.mentalmente,adv., mentally,71, 11.mente,f., mind;

estar allí en la — divina,45, 15, to be in the bosom of the gods, on theknees of the gods.


mentir,v. n., to lie.

menudo, da,adj., small, little.merced,f., grace, mercy;


— a,10, 16, thanks to;

su —,55, 15, his worship.Mercedes,f. npr., Mercedes.


Merceditas,f. npr.,dim. ofMercedes.merecedor, dora,adj., deserving,4, 23.


merecer,v. a., to deserve, to merit; to earn, to gain.merecido,m., desert, deserts.


merienda,f., luncheon, collation.mes,m., month.


mesa,f., table;

en la —,19, 14, at the table.

meseta,f., landing (of a staircase). 213mesilla,f., little table.


meter,v. a., to place, to put;

metió los talones,65, 15, kicked, spurred;

alguaciles metidos a alcahuetes,68, 2, constables turned procurers;


— el montante,cf.



—se,v. refl., to interfere; to meddle; to mingle with; to thrust oneself in;meterse en harina,4, 17, to set to work, to get to work.


metódico, ca,adj., methodical, commonplace, humdrum,14, 9.mi,adj. poss., my.


miedo,m., fear;

dar —,25, 11, to frighten;tener —,88, 8, to be afraid.


mientes,fpl., thought; reflection;seeparar.


mientras,conj., while, whereas.mientras que,conj., while.


mil,adj. num., thousand; a thousand, one thousand.milagro,m., miracle, marvel.


Milán,m. npr., Milan.milicias,fpl., militia.militar,adj., military.

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